Well if you like you Bass, This is one funky album to be listening to and may be jam along with. Their are 10 tracks on this album to enjoy. Finger plucking heaven. We have a lot of star bass players on hand to entertain us here, Sit back relax let the beat of the Bass take you on a journey. Here are some of the star players Micheal Manring, Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree), Alberto Rigoni (TwinSpirits), Adam Nitti, Jeff Hughell (Six Feet Under). Their is a host load more. Now to some of the tracks on the album, Track 2 'Crush' it's a real foot tapper, Some great drums as well. 'Evolution Theory' (Dmitry Lisenko) 'Subsonic Derailment' (Brandino, Mark Mitchell) this is the longest track on the album at just over seven minutes. 'Extreme Density' ( Ryan Martinie, Steve Di Giorgio) ' Tapping Wires' (Leonid Maksimov,Scott Reeder) Cool video for this track, So have a look then have a look again. 'Daily Trauma' (Tony Grey) Final track on this wonderful journey is 'Floating Through Canyons' what a way to finish.

Bass...Micheal Manring,Colin Edwin,Alberto Rigoni,Adam Nitti,Jeff Hughell,Dmitry Lisenko,Brandino,Mark Mitchell,Ryan Martinie,Steve Di Giorgio,Leonid Makisov,Scott Reeder,Tony Grey.

Drums...Maxim Rubtsov (video)

Keys...Paul Pollox (Video)

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