We are going to have a look back at Enticer's album from 2014 'Origin Of Sorrow' They are a Metal band from Sydney, Australia. This is their second release after a amazing Ep 'Enticer' only containing two tracks,This was released in 2011. They are about to release a new album in 2018. So as you can see these guys like to take their time and put the work in. Back to the album 'Origin Of Sorrow' This Starts off with a dark riff to the opening of 'Life's Blood'(Your Will My Hand) Ripping it up on Guitar is Rhett McCoullough. Up next is 'No Turning Back' this will have you singing along and banging your head. Drums from Robin 'Frog' Stone. 'Fighting Illusions' is a real heavy hitting tune with Bass coming from Michael Keating. This album as track after track of pure Heavy Metal tunes. With the awesome vocals of Mark Briggs. With the story of 'March Of The War Elephants. The track 'My World' will have you thinking of Rainbow. I could name all the tracks on here but, We would be here a while so much to enjoy and Rock out too. So here's to 2018 and a new album. Hurry up.

Vocals...Mark Briggs

Guitar...Rhett McCoullough

Bass...Michael Keating

Drums...Robin 'Frog' Stone

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