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Rock Band Ironthorn who hail from Sicily, Italy. They have released a Ten track Album 'Legends Of The Ancient Rock' Now for a few of the Standout tracks. 'Werewolf' This will have you Howling along in no time. Bringing th pulseof the Bass is Eliseo Bonacasa. 'The Seed Of Fire' what a tune On Guest Vocals Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth). Time for a cool Ballad 'My Cure' Top tune. 'Phoenix' A bit of Pirate Rock, Awesome twin Guitar attack from Maurizio Liberto and Gabriele Misuraca. 'Ladro Del Tempo' (Time Is Thief) This track is sang in Italian. A chance to hear Luigi Pullara in his native tongue on Vocals. The Final track is a ri teat for the ears 'The Ancient Rock' One Hell of a Cool Instrumental piece. The man with te entertaining Beat on Drums is Antony La Marca. Might fine Album.

Vocals...Luigi Pullara

Guitar..Maurizio Liberto

Bass...Eliseo Bonacasa

Guitar...Gabriele Misuraca

Drums...Antony La Marca

Guest Vocals...Roberto Tiranti

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