Captain Mantell are a Rock band from Venice, Italy. They have released the album 'Dirty White King' The album consist of twelve tracks. First up we have 'Dirty White King' this is one hell of a Rockin number. Vocals coming from Tommaso Mantelli who also plays a mean Guitar. This is followed by another fine track in 'The Invisible Wall' with Mauro Franceschini keeping the beat on Drums. 'Stuck In The Middle Ages' is a very groovy song and very cool sound, On Saxophone (yes Sax) is Sergio Pomante. Then we get a Instrumental track 'Livor Mortis' awesome sound. 'Let It Down' as got to be the track of the album, There is also a video for this song, so press play and enjoy. 'Days Of Doom' is just a awesome track, it almost turns into Jazz, The Sax just works with this album, Wow great sound. The last track on offer is 'And Nothing More To Come...Maybe' this is the longest track at over six minutes and has you hanging on till the end. slow groover. What an album.

Vocals/Guitar...Tommaso Mantelli

Drums...Mauro Franceschini

Sax...Sergio Pomante

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