Time for some Punk Rock from Long Island, New York, USA. Steal Reserve,They have released an eight track album 'Accidental Outlaw' With the aggression on vocals from Frank McGoldrick, first up we have 'No1 Contender' this has a great start Drum beat then comes the Bass then Guitar followd by vocals, Catchy track with some great Guitar from Anthony Monaco. Then comes 'Letters Home' this will have you jumping around the house and singing along. They have just released a video for this track, so be sure to give it a watch. Then we have 'Radio' with some mighty fine Guitar and Drums from Steve Salerno. 'Rust' sounds to have a country vibe to it. Really enjoyable song. My favourite track is 'Miracle' everything about this song is great Words and the musicianship, Top notch. The final track is 'Stamina' back to the Punk vibe. Pulling the strings on Bass is Joe Monaco. What a really good listen. Great album.

Vocals...Frank McGoldrick

Bass...Joe Monaco

Guitar...Anthony Monaco

Drums...Steve Salerno

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