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Henry Metal is a fun, comedy Metal from USA. Here we have their album 'The Essential Henry Metal' Volume 1' this is album seven of eight, This guy has been busy. We have fifteen tracks here to enjoy. So get ready to be entertained and rocked out. First up 'Thought Police'(Song For America)' plenty of choice words on this track and some tasty riffs. this is the longest track on offer at over five minutes. 'Wizard v Demon' wow this is awesome. Guitars, Drums and Vocals are outstanding. There is too many tracks to name on here, So i will try and pick the standout tracks. All of them I don't fucking care. Be sure to check this guy on youtube aswell. He as plenty of videos for you to enjoy, Just check that face paint out. Fucking Cool. Now back to the album. 'For The Love Of Freyja' comes chugging right out at you, it will have you joining in singing along with this track.'Succubus' is another Riff fest. 'God You're So Hot,' Rock 'n' Roll baby, This just melts your soul. Ballad time with 'Henry's Saga' top tune. Get that head fucking banging cause here is 'Samurai' Some mighty fine shredding. Time for a bit of Trash with 'Trash Your Head' with some nice high pitched screams. I really like 'Baby' nice slow number to relax too, Before the final track of the album 'You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet' what a way to finish, What a Album. As i said this guy as been very busy. You just get you breath back and he goes and releases another album. War In Heaven' bring on the good times.

Vocals/ Metal God......Henry Metal

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