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Here we have Doc Rotten a Punk Rock band from New Jersey, USA. They have released a four track Ep 'Fall Out' First up we have got a real foot tapper in 'Brass Tracks' catchy little number with Guitar and Vocals coming from Wes Bentley. Then comes Doc Rotten's Anthem this will have you dancing around the place 'Better Days' with Mike Romanowsky pulling the strings on Bass. Some cool riffs on 'Scenario' with Andrew Keris on Guitar. Then we come to the end of a real Punk fest with 'Let Go' nice little ballad. keeping the beat on Drums is AJ Martinez. Lets hope it not too long before these guys get a album out there. Great sound Great Ep.

Vocals/Guitar...Wes Bentley

Drums...AJ Martinez

Guitar...Andrew Keris

Bass...Mike Romanowsky

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