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Here we have As It Iz they are a Rock Band from USA, who have only just released this album after recording it in 2000, Eighteen years ago they signed to a Canadian record label, but the company went under so eighteen years later. We get a lost gem. As It Iz is a self titled album with ten Rockin tracks. 'All I Need' starts things off with a great riff and banging Drum beat, On Guitar we have Trace Davis ( The man Behind Voodoo Amps). 'Big Switch' is another monster track loud riff and awesome Vocals from Chris Wall (Zen Bender). I can all most hear you singing along. The riffs just keep coming with 'Undertow' get that head banging. On Drums we have Alex Hamilton (Zen Bender). Then we get a little Groovy number in 'Out Of My Head' with some great finger picking from James Osterhout ( V.A.P.E) on Bass. As It Iz slow things down with 'Evermore' great song. what coms next WoW, This is one hell of a track 'Say It Again' I'm not one for comparing bands but this song comes across like Audioslave, Yes that good. what a monster of an album. I could name all the songs, But you need to look these guys up. Just think what they could of become back then and what they could do today with a album like this. I Love it.

Vocals...Chris Wall

Guitar...Trace Davis

Bass...James Osterhout

Drums...Alex Hamilton

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