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Grace Solero are a Rock band from London, England. They released the album 'Hundred Years Apart' in 2013, So it's time to revisit the album. It consist thirteen tracks, Starting things is 'Riptide' right from the off you will be singing along with Grace Solero on Vocals and Guitar. 'Electro' is next up with some great riffs on guitar from Dan Beaulaurier. Their is also a great video for this track. Time to pick out some of the standout tracks. What a voice Grace as got. 'St Ives' will have you Rockin out, on Bass we have Bjorn Zetterlund. The man keeping the beat going on 'Unless' with the amazing drums is Maurizio Liberato. Play it loud. Then comes 'Yard Of Blonde Girls' they slow thing down here a little, but a great track. 'Real' is another song that will have you dancing around your room. Every great album as a great Ballad and here is Grace Solero's 'The Woman By The River' lighters at the ready. Final track here is 'Eternal Love' some great Guitar and Drums here, not forgetting the Vocals. One outstanding Album....Check it out.

Vocals/Guitar...Grace Solero

Bass...Bjorn Zetterlund

Guitar...Dan Beaulaurier

Drums...Maurizio Liberato

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