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Here we have a Metal band from Bad Salzungen, Germany. They have just released their Debut Ep 'Satans Claw' we have seven track to rockout too. First track is 'Now You Die' some nice riffage from Thomas (Rock Doc) Kaufmann on Guitar and also sings the brutal vocals. They have also released a video for this track, press play and enjoy. The title track 'Satans Claw' is next up. It will have you punching the air from the off. Nice little Bass riff to start us off with 'Sweet Illusion' on Bass we have Phillip (Isy) Isbrucker. This is a slow groove of a track. 'Kali Yuga' is one of those songs that will stick in your head. More great riffs here from Rene (Kursches) Kurschner on Guitar. we also have a great Instrumental track in 'Depths Of Mind' this really shows the talent of these guys. Then we get a Bee Gees cover of 'Staying Alive' Wow Awesome. Anthem time now, So rise your fist and your head for the final track 'Hammerstroke' Mighty fine Debut.

Vocals/Guitar...Thomas (Rock Doc) Kaurmann

Bass...Phillip (Isy) Isbrucker

Guitar...Rene (Kursches) Kurschner

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