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Discopowerboxxx what a name, They are a Punk Metal band from Austria, They have released their debut album 'Deadlicious' Containts nine loud as fuck tracks so be ready to have your neck snap on you. We have four very angry guys here and they want you to hurt while listening to their album. First up and straight in your face 'Deadlious' Punk and vicious. With Tschisi on Vocals. then comes 'S.T.D' I think you get what this is about. Loud and Proud. On Guitar with the cool riffs is Moosi. As if it could'nt get any hotter 'The Heat' is next up with Nixxx on Drums, This guy is smoking hot. This is a one of them albums you will need to hear a few times and believe me it gets better with every listen. Now for some more face ripping Metal. 'Reflections' is another neck snapper. With Opa whacking the strings on Bass. Then we go on a road trip with the guys and their video for the track 'Servant Of Satan' some great Guitar here. 'Break Up The Cage' as a slower start then breaks into a Trash Metal Mosh pit anthem. Then we come to the final track 'Dirty Sanchez' and this is what it's all about, Fucking Brutal Album...Take a Bow Discopowerboxx.





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