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Wow some great news StoneRun are back with a new album after being away for nearly eight years. StoneRun are a Rock band from Sheffield, England. The album is untitled but as twelve tracks to enjoy, So let's go. First up is 'Slowdown' Great song and great Vocals from Tommy Jones. Time to name a few of the outstanding tracks. 'Blackbox' this will have you swaying and singing along, keeping the beat with the great Drumming is Neil Carden. We have the track 'Silver' on the album it was released as a single back in 2011 and is sitting nicely in my collection. Love this track, On Guitars we have John Gilmartin and Joe Hearnshaw. 'Closer To The Sun' as some great guitar riffs. Then comes 'Filter' yet another cool track. Pulling the strings on Bass is Tom George. Nice slow groover in 'Colour Me In' this will have you tapping your feet in approval. Great song. 'Chaser' brings things to a Rockin finish. Awesome album. Welcome back guys.

Vocals...Tommy Jones

Guitar...John Gilmartin

Bass... Tom George

Guitar... Joe Hearnshaw

Drums...Neil Carden

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