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Time for some Progressive Metal from Lessen who hail from Montpellier, France. They have released a nine track album 'A Nebulous Being' There's a bit of everything here for you from Screams to talk throughs and some Awesome Heavy Riffs. Time to pick some of the tracks for you to enjoy. ' Many Faced God' is a Progressive work of anger, so get punching the air and get that head banging. On Vocals we have Lambert Paris. Then comes 'Already Dead' with some killer riffs from Fabrice Payet and Cyril Mignon on Guitars. Next we have 'Above Us' some serious screams on this track. on Bass we have Thomas Hardy. Then we come to the longest track at over nine minutes 'A Piece Of Heaven' Great Progressive mix here. The hard hitting Lady on Drums is Audrey Gardenat. The final track on this loud journey through the Progressive road of metal is 'Aleph' another nine minute Epic. Scream and get that mosh pit going. Heavy and Angry album. Just the way it should be.

Vocals... Lanbert Paris

Drums...Audrey Gardenat

Guitar...Cyril Mignon

Bass...Thomas Hardy

Guitar...Fabrice Payet

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