Here we have Saint Raven a Rock band from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. They have released a six track Ep 'Crow' First up we have 'Fallacy' this starts off with you thinking it's a Doom led track. Wth some great Bass lines from Braden Persch. Then comes 'Phantom' this is a class track with some cool Vocals from Tyler Bromberg who also plays Guitar. 'Better Off Dead' is a enjoyable headbang of a track. On Guitar is Eric Sparx with some cool Riffs. Then come's one hell of a beast in 'Predestined Annihilation. Loudest track on offer and sailing the ship that is Saint Raven on Drums is Noah Nielsen. Then we come to the final track of this cool Ep 'Crow' Riff after Riff top track, See for yourself and watch their video for 'Crow' down below.

Vocals/Guitar...Tyler Bromberg

Bass...Eric Sparx

Guitar...Braden Persch

Drums...Noah Nielsen

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