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Here we have Death Ingloria a Rock solo Project from London, England. Death Ingloria is Galina Rin with a little help from Okami (Artifical Intelligence unit). It is a release which consist of seven tracks. 'The Wolf Onboard' is a project that has taken Galina over two years to complete. It is a story about humanity distroying the way we live and destroying earth and having to live in another universe. Each song tells the story and each song as a Animated video to go with it with words so you can enjoy yourself and sing along.(Check them out on YouTube) A lot of work as gone into this project. The first track is 'The Escape' This grabs you by the balls from the off, Galina Rin sings Vocals and also plays Guitar. Some mighty Riffs here. 'Panic Song' is next up. What a voice, love this song and so will you. Up next is 'As Dark Knights Rise' another great song. Then comes 'Silent Running Engaged' This is just class Galina sings this one in Japanese. Check the video and you too can sing along in Japanese with the words all there for you. Their is so much talent to this lady. Fun song. 'The Atomic Life' Awesome song. I just love this voice. 'Black Water Rushes In' I think this one could be a crowd favorite. The final track is 'A Posthumous Suggestion' what a finish. This as got to be one of the albums of the year. I mean a lot of work as gone into this not just the songs and music, All the art work and stories to be put together. Take a Bow Galina Rin. But this Lady is not finished yet, She is working on an Acoustic album and a follow up album from 'The Wolf Aboard' Bring them on.

Vocals/Guitar...Galina Rin

Artifical Intelligence unit...Okami

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