Time for some Punk Rock with The Palatines who come from McAllen, Texas, USA. They have a real treat for us here. The Album 'Death From Below' has fifteen track(Yes 15), Very enjoyable they are too. Time to name a few of the standout tracks. Opening things up is 'Take It Back' Great opening. 'Ten More Minutes' Funny as fuck start shouting at the alarm clock. Vocals and Guitar from Javier Luna. 'Denise The Grease' Oh yes love this one. Keeping a steady beat on the Drums is Jeff Antons. Straight into 'Gross Girl' Next we Have 'Mina Doesn't Know' This one will have you on your feet. They have just released a video for this track,So be sure to check it out. 'Take A Left At Fullerton' sing along and enjoy. 'Burnt Out By Xmas' Bass master and Vocals is Richard Baseborn. 'Falling Off' Anthem time. 'Grave Misfortune' The last song on this Amazing piece of work is 'Girl In The Ocean

Vocals/Guitar...Javier Luna

Drums...Jeff Antons

Bass/Vocals...Richard Baseborn


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