Time for some Fast Rock 'N' Roll from Strasbourg,France. Iron Bastards have released a Live album. 'Keep It Fast' 'Live In London'. There are eight Fast & Loud tracks to enjoy. It's sure to have your head banging from the off. First up 'Fast & Dangerous' On Bass and Vocals is David Bour. 'Rock 'O' Clock' is a time machine. They have released a video for this track, Be sure to give it a look and watch that neck. Some Awsome Guitar work from David Semier. 'I Am The Lizard' got to love this.. They also do a cover of Motorhead Classic 'Ace of Spades' welcome to Iron Bastards. Beating the skins til they bleed on Drums is Anthony Meyer. 'The Wise Man' comes in at over seven minutes of pleasure. Last track on offer is 'Pancho Villa' Heavy and Hard just the way it's meant to be. What a sound, What a Album.

Vocals/Bass...David Bour

Guitar...David Semier

Drums...Anthony Meyer

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