Here we have some Melodic Death Metal from USA/France. Ashes Arise have released their Debut Album 'Resurgence From Oblivion'. This contains ten tracks that will have you banging your head too. 'The Countess' Brings this to life. With the grunting Vocals coming from Bassist Stephanie Nolf. Up next is 'Fate' and i think that is what has brought these ladies together. The beautiful clean vocals coming from Emily Moss. Now this one as to be my favorite track 'Obsidion Veil' Making the amazing Riffs on Guitar is Amy Zion. Boy can she play. Lets have a look at some more stand out tracks. 'Theory Devine' sure to be a crowd favorite. Here's one to melt your soul 'Awakening' Riff after Riff, Just what the Doctor ordered. 'Unleashed' and coming for you Ashes Arise. 'Summoner' Great track, They have released a video for this track be sure to give it a view or two. Last track on offer is 'Death From Above' what an end to a great debut album.

Vocals...Emily Moss

Bass/Vocals... Stephanie Nolf

Guitar...Amy Zion

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