Time for some Melodic Metal from Spiral Key who come from Swindon, England. This is a two man Machine David McCabe and Ken Wynne with a little help from friends. They have released the Album 'An Error Of Judgement' containing eight tracks. Time for the standout tracks. 'Dark Path' hits you straight away with the sound of the Guitar and the pulse of the Riff from the Bass. Vocals and Guitar come from David McCabe. With a guest Guitarist solo from John Mitchell( It Bites). Then we get the Funky 'Freeze Time' sure to have your head going. Pulling the Strings on Bass is Ken Wynne. 'Hollywood Dreams' just draws you in and your stuck to the Rhythm, They have released a video for this track. The Awesome beat on Drums comes from Chris Allen( Ex Malefice). The Excellent 'Possessive' is a real journey of a track at over Nine minutes. With Guest Vocalist Miguel Espinoza(Persefone). Then comes my favourite track 'West Facing' Everything about this track will have you wanting more. Then comes a Riff Fest 'Sanctimonious' Bringing the Riffs on Guitar is Dan Carter(Belial) This is a must have album. What a Journey....More Please.

Vocals/Guitar...David McCabe

Bass...Ken Wynne


Vocals...Miguel Espinoza

Guitar...Dan Carter

Drums...Chris Allen

Guitar...John Mitchell

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