Bitzer are from Sydney, Australia. They have released one of the albums of the year. It's a History lesson in Oz Rock from the late 60's and 70's. I just can't seem to turn this CD off. The album 'Pedigree Mongrel' consist ten tracks. Opening things up is The Easybeats track 'St Louis' One i had never heard before, Wow what a song. on Vocals is Steve Mulry. In truth the only tracks on the album i have heard are the AC/DC tracks. So i am glad to come across this album. It as made me realise what Australia have given to the Rock world. Next is the AC/DC classic 'Down Payment Blues' what a cover, Pure enjoyment. On Vocals Skenie. Then Comes a track that i have just fell in love with 'Superman' (Released by Alison McCallum) On Vocals Lucy Desoto. Some mighty fine Riffs here on Guitar we have Wal Thompson and Mick Arnold. 'Sunshine' ( Released by Dragon) this is Chilled out track. On Keys is Dave Dempsey and Steve Edmonds on Guitar here, Class. Australian Gods come again with 'Bad Boy Boogie' with Mick Adkins on Guitar this time. Beating the Bad Boy on Drums is Mick O'Shea. 'Things Don't Seem' (Australia's Crawl) Steve Mulry back on Vocals, A real foot stomper. Pulling them strings on Bass is Steve King. Time for some Blues Rock 'I'll Be Gone' (Spectrum) On Vocals Lucy Desoto, What a voice. Then we get Groovy with 'I Remember When I Was Young'(Chain) Steve Mulry back on Vocals. Another AC/DC Classic next 'Dog Eat Dog' just perfect. The final track and my favourite is 'Run For The Shelter'(The Angels) Mick Arnold sure does play them strings. Keeping the Oz Rock Alive...BITZER....Fucking Awesome.

Produced by Roger Frankham what a job. Get these guys touring worldwide


Keys/Vocals...Lucy Desoto

Vocals...Steve Mulry

Guitar...Wal Thompson


Guitar...Mick Adkins

Bass...Steve King

Drums...Mick O'Shea

Keys...Dave Dempsey

Guitar...Steve Edmonds

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