Melodic Rock time now with Big City who hail from Kristiansand, Norway. They have released a two disc set, The new album 'Big City Life' and their Debut disc recorded in 2013 'Wintersleep'. So now to enjoy the Riches of Big City. First up is The Awesome 'Big City Life' Check them pipes out, Vocals coming from Jan Le Brandt, what a voice. 'Rocket Man' Wow what a song. Love it. Pulling the strings on Bass is Miguel Pereira. Then we have 'From This Day' Perfect track. 'Running For Your Life' A real Riff Fest from the twin Guitar attack from Daniel Olaisen and Frank Orland. 'Home Again' Great Ballad. Now we come to Disc two 'Wintersleep' Opening things up is 'Midnight Train' What a Classic song. Keeping the Beat on Drums is Frank Nordeng Noe. 'Innocence Of A Kill' is a Killer tune. The album title track is next 'Wintersleep' Amazing Guitars. Another Top track. They just keep coming 'Too Late' (Never to Late, With Song's like these) 'Love Breaks The Heart' what a Ballard. The final track 'Will You Be Gone' (Not Bloody likely with Albums like these). Pure Enjoyment. Two out of this world Albums.

Vocals...Jan Le Brandt

Guitar...Frank Orland

Bass...Miguel Pereira

Drums...Frank Nordeng Noe

Guitar... Daniel Olaisen

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