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Heavy Metal time now with Stormrider from Manchester, England. They have released a EP 'Heavy Metal Machine' it consist of Four tracks. First up is the Title track 'Heavy Metal Machine' now this is a class track. With the very talented voice of Mike Coyle on Vocals. So many changes, Cool stuff. Then comes 'In Time' with some awesome Riffs from Cristiano Lopes on Guitar. This is a Epic six minute track. 'The Patroller' is on the beat with the man on Drums Robert Beeton. This one will have the crowd joining along and punching the air. Time for the final track 'Made Of Metal' Pure class. The Bass Master is Przemyslaw Przytulo. This is a great release, Bring on the Album.

Vocals...Mike Coyle

Guitar...Cristiano Lopes

Bass...Przemyslaw Przytulo

Drums...Robert Beeton.

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