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Hard Rock Band The Impulsive who come from Omaha,Nebraska,USA. Have released the EP 'Lost' Starting things off is 'Fallen Angels' Opening things with a Haunting Riff and Twin Guitar attack from Jake Loehr and Shane Thomas Vogel who also provides vocals. 'Heart So Cold' This will have your head going, Sailing the ship that is The Impulsive on Drums we have Aaron Rowe and Vocals and Screams coming from Jake McDermott. Here comes the 'Ghosts' This is sure to be a crowd favourite. Top tune. Pulling the strings on Bass is Chris McCandless. The final track here is 'Lost' but after hearing it once you will be looking for it again. Great track, get them lighters in the air. This is a Great offering.

Vocals/Screams...Jake McDermott

Guitar/Vocals...Shane Thomas Vogel

Bass...Chris McCandless

Drums...Aaron Rowe

Guitar...Jake Loehr

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