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The Chapter are a Metal Band from Lisbon, Portugal. Their Album release 'Angels & Demons' contains Eight tracks, Time to pick the Highlights. First up is the Title track 'Angels & Demons' The battle is upon us from the off with growled Demon Vocals against the Angel's clean Vocals and the mighty Riffs and the Thunderous Drums. Great track. Vocals coming from Pedro Rodrigues. Then come 'Aenima Vipera' with some Awesome Guitar from the double attack from Joao Gomes and Pedro Almeida. I really like this next track 'Librarian (Sorrow In Extinction)' Great piece of work, Pulling the strings on Bass is Eurico Mealha. 'To Live For' is another top tune. The Man beating the skins on Drums we have Pedro Antunes. The end is upon us with 'The Past Is Dead' This will have you punching the air and have the head going. What a end to a great release.

Vocals...Pedro Rodrigues

Guitar...Joao Gomes

Bass...Eurico Mealha

Guitar...Pedro Almeida

Drums...Pedro Antunes

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