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Pleasure Maker are a Rock Band from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They have released the Album 'Dancin' With Danger' containing Twelve tracks. Opening things up is 'Dancin'With Danger' now i know i'm going to like this album from the off. Pure Riffs from Alex Meister on Guitar. Top Tune. Unfortunately i can't write about the whole Album so here's a few of the highlights. 'It Ain't bout Love' this is sure to have you singing along with Claudio Marcal on Vocals. Great Voice. 'Rock The Night Away' will have you doin just as it says Pure Class. The Man with the Beat on Drums is Adriano Morais. Time for a cool little ballad 'Out There' Another fantastic track. The man with the pulse of the Bass is Mark Santanna. The Album ends with a Bonus Track 'She's Gone Too Far' Excellent Album, Pleasure Maker by name. It sure as been a Pleasure.

Vocals...Claudio Marcal

Bass...Mark Santanna

Guitar...Alex Meister

Drums...Adriano Morais

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