Time for some Country Boogie Rock for the Bootleggers who hail from France. They have released a Nine track Album 'Southern Roads' Opening things up is 'Sometimes You Run' Cool southern Blues Guitar from Van Wilks (Guest Guitarist) on Vocals we have Didier Cere who also plays Guitar. 'Short Change Hero' Guest Guitar here comes from Blues man Rusty Burns (R.I.P. 1953-2016) Keeping a steady beat on Drums is Nicolas Lacaze. 'Sending Me Angels' on Guest Guitar here we have Mr Texas Neal Black and on Pedal Steel Guitar we have Jean-Yves Zozach. '10 Million Slaves' Some cool Bango here from Maurice Marabuto with lead Guitar coming from Xavier Dominguez. ' Negro Prison Blues' on Dobro Guitar is Claude Langlois. Then comes my Favourite here 'John The Revelator' with the awesome sound of the Harmonica coming from Nico Wayne Toussaint. 'Hangman Tree' Pulling the strings on Bass is Francois Gauthier. Then we get the Classic Norman Greenbaum hit 'Spirit In The Sky' Playing EBow Guitar here we have Alain Brunet. Then we come to the end of a Excellent Album with 'Man Of Constant Sorrow' with the perfect Keys coming from Eric Allibe. What a Album, What a Sound.

Vocals/Guitar...Didier Cere

Bass...Francois Gauthier

Guitar...Xavier Dominguez

Drums...Nicolas Lacaze

Keys...Eric Allibe.


Guitar...Neal Black,Rusty Burns,Van Wilks,Alain Brunet,

Harmonica...Nico Wayne Toussaint

Steel Pedal Guitar...Jean-Yves Zozach

Dobro Guitar...Claude Langlois

Bango...Maurice Marabuto

Backing Vocals...Esther Mengual, Julie Lambert

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