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Here we have a treat Flav Martin & Jerry Marotta have come together and brought us some mighty fine songs. They have released a Nine track Album 'Soul Redemption' Opening things up is the title track 'Soul Redemption' This is a Funky tune. On Vocals we have Flav Martin who also plays Acoustic Guitar. 'Please' is next up. Cool smooth track. Then comes a Jazzy number 'Drinking You' some cool Beats here from Jerry Marotta on Drums. Time for a little Latino music 'I Knew It Was You' This will have you swaying. On Bass we have Tony Levin. Continuing with the Latino music is 'Tell Me To My Face' Some perfect Keys here from Peter Primamore, 'Rio De Janeiro' what a Beautiful song. On Elecric Guitar's we have Marc Shulman and Thor Jensen. Now to my Favourite song 'Wild Moon' This is one of them songs that will be sang by everyone who hears it, It just grabs hold of your soul. This brings out the best of Flav's Vocals. 'Coffee Song' (Cosa Hai Messo Nel Caffe) Sang in Italian, Lovely Song. The final track 'How Can You Leave Me Now' Another Gem of a song. What a Album....Love it.

Vocals/Acoustic Guitar...Flav Martin

Drums...Jerry Marotta

Guitar...Marc Shulman

Bass...Tony Levin

Keys...Peter Primamore

Guitar...Thor Jensen

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