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Melodic Rock time now with Nitrate who hail from Nottingham, England. They have released a Eleven track Album 'Real World' First up is 'Waiting On You' Now if's that's to Rock, They won't be waiting long. Great song, Sure to have you singing along. On Vocals we have Joss Mennen. Then comes my favourite 'Crazy' One hell of a tune. Love it. The Man pulling all the strings on Bass and Guitar is the one and only Rob Wylde. Don't tell your Daddy that theirs nothin that your Mother won't do. So Fucking cool. 'Attraction' is up next. The great songs just keep coming. So here are my stand out tracks. 'Insane' One Rockin number. Man with the Beat, On Drums Pete Newdeck. 'Crank Up The Weekend' is a Riff Fest of a tune. The title track 'Real World' This will grab the crowd by the scruff of the neck and have them Headbanging in no time. Ballad time now with 'Breathe' Excellent song. The final track is 'I'll Be There' what a way to finish. The man Running the Machine that is Nitrate on Keys and Guitar is Nick Hogg. WoW What a release. Hurry more is needed.

Vocals...Joss Mennen

Guitar/Bass...Rob Wylde

Keys/Guitar...Nick Hogg

Drums...Pete Newdeck

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