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Here we have Telluric a Alt Rock Band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They have released a demo disc 'Here Again' is a Five track disc. Starting things off we have 'Daytime Shifting' a real foot stomper of a song. On Guitar we have David Krushnisky. We are on 'The Brink' next. This is slow enjoyable number. On Vocals we have Kayla Mezzetta who also plays Guitar. 'Waste Of Us' is a groovy little tune. On Bass is Aaron Rogers. Then we get a cover of the My Bloody Valentine track 'Honey Power' Cool cover. Bringing the Beat on Drums is Oscar Daniel Vargas Arenas. The final song is 'Quicksand' Another top tune. Really would like to hear the finished artical. Bring it on.

Vocals/Guitar...Kayla Mezzetta

Guitar...David Krushnisky

Bass...Aaron Rogers

Drums...Oscar Daniel Vargas Arenas

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