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Dagma Sogna are a Rock Band from Savona, Italy. They have released a Eleven track Album 'Tratti Di Matita' All the songs are sang in their native tongue Italian. I don't speak or understand Italian, but this is a great listen, Vocals and Music top notch. Kicking off with 'I Colori Del Silenzio'(The Colors Of Silence) This makes you want to sing along, Making the Music with his fingers on Keys is Davide Garbarino. Then comes a really cool track which also has a video that tells the story 'Come Onda'(How To Wave). The perfect vocals coming from Davide Crisafulli. Now for a few more stand out tracks. 'La Teoria Del Dersi Addio'(To Say Goodbye) some Awesome Guitar from Daniele Ferro. 'Fuori Dalla Realta'(Out Of Reality) on Bass we have Marco Babboni. 'Il Viaggio'(The Voyage) keeping the steady Beat on Drums Matteo Marsella. Really enjoyable Album.

Vocals...Davide Crisafulli

Guitar...Daniele Ferro

Bass...Marco Babboni

Keys...Davide Garbarino

Drums...Matteo Marsella

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