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Time for some Ska Punk with The Hostiles who hail from Glasgow/Ary, Scotland. They are waiting to release their New EP 'Party Cup' It contains Six tracks. First up is 'Guessing Game' what hits you first is the Double Attack of the Trombone (yes trombone) From Joe Stainke and Steve Bruce. Great Bouncy track. Next up is 'ETA' catchy tune will have you singing along with Josh Barron on Vocals who also plays Guitar. 'Messed up' and 'Time For Change' are sure to have you dancing your socks off. Keeping the beat on Drums is Hunter Mackay. Here's my favourite track 'Want You Dead' Great Rockin number. Then comes the End 'Resentment' Funky little tune, Bringing the vibe on Bass is Theo Watson. This is one Cool release.

Vocals/Guitar...Josh Barron

Bass...Theo Watson

Trombone...Joe Stainke

Drums...Hunter MacKay

Trombone...Steve Bruce

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