Death Metal time now with Beyond Carnage who hail from Lisbon, Portugal. They have released a Five track EP 'Profane Sounds Of Flesh' Starting things off is 'Infectious Parasitic Fungal God' With the Demonic Vocals coming from Joao Colosso. 'Nicrowizard' is up next with the chugging Riffs on Guitar from Luis Correia and Joao Amado. This will have you ripping your hair out. 'Curse Of The Burning Rain' This will burn into your soul. Bringing the Evil pulsating Riffs on Bass is Ines Coelho. 'Prophecy From The World Beyond' Torturing the skins till they bleed on Drums is Luis Abreu. Then we get the last track ,''R' Lyeh Mother Of All Abominations' This comes in at a Epic 7 minutes, They have also released a Awesome video for this track. Great release.

Vocals...Joao Colosso

Guitar...Luis Correia

Bass...Ines Coelho

Guitar...Joao Amado

Drums...Luis Abreu

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