Time for some Symphonic Black Metal with Suffering Souls who hail from Kummersbruck, Germany. This is a One man Machine. The Man is Tobias Miko (Lord Esgaroth). He as some serious talent to pull this off. He has released a Nine track Album 'In Synergy Obsene' Now for the stand out tracks. Opening things up is 'Idolised & Villified' Nice classical piece to set you a false dawn Then the Dark clouds arrive and we have The Title track 'In Synergy Obsene' This is were Lord Esgaroth assembles his army of Suffering Souls. Both Demonic growls and Vocal offering from Tobias, is perfect. Then we get a Nine minute Epic 'Inheritance Of Irony' Demonic vocals with Choirs. This is a masterpiece. With soul destroying Riffs. 'As The Truth Unfolds' Black Metal Ballad, You can feel this one running through your veins. Fucking Class. 'The Cynic God' is another piece of Symphonic Black Metal shining through. 'All You Little Devils' will have you singing along. The End is arriving way to quick with 'Unseen Phenomenon' You can feel it eating into your brain, and wanting more. This as been a journey to the dark side and one you should take too. Awesome Album.



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