Time for some Instrumental Rock now with Girih who hail from Manchester,New Hampshire, USA. They have released a Six track Album 'Eigengrau' Opening things up is 'Haumea' Great number just like a ticking bomb waiting to explode. Then you are hit with the amazing twin Guitar attack from Alex Paul and Brian Luttrell. They have also released a video for this track. So be sure to check it out. Then comes 'Sinnelsloschen' one to get them feet slowly stomping. Then we get the Title track 'Eigengrau' This has a Awesome start, This will have you from the start. With a cool Riff and then explodes with the amazing drums from Jeremy Dingman. What a piece of Music. Time to relax with 'Vorer' another cool track. 'Chihiro' will have you beating your arms to the beat, The Contagious Sound will take over your soul. The end as arrived with 'Xolotl' What a finish, This is one fine release. Anyone who likes your Instrumental Rock this is a must have Album.

Guitar...Alex Paul

Drums...Jeremy Dingman

Guitar...Brian Luttrell

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