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Heavy Metal time with Athanasia who hail from Los Angeles, California, USA. They have released a Eight track Album 'The Order Of The Silver Compass' The standout tracks are 'Read Between The Lines' This is a hard hitting track, With the battering of the Drums coming from Jason West. 'Spoils Of War' Awesome track, on Vocals and bringing the Riiffs on Guitar is Caleb Bingham. Then we have the Title track 'The Order Of The Silver Compass' This is one Hell of a Neck snapper of a tune. Then we get the Brutal 'Mechanized Assault' Pulling the strings on Bass is Brandon Miller. 'Nightmare Sound' will have you reaching for your Crucifix and useing it as a Guitar. The end as arrived with 'White Horse' Time to raise your voices and join in, Sure to be a crowd favourite.

Amazing Album.

Vocals/Guitar...Caleb Bingham

Bass...Brandon Miller

Drums...Jason West

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