Time for some Speed Metal from Ripper who hail from Popayan, Columbia. They have released a Five track EP 'Speed And Violence' Starting with 'Eternal Fire' Stoking the fire up with some Flamenco Guitar. Then we get 'Power Of Speed' Come racing at you with sparks flying from the Awesome Riffs from Juan David Hoyos on Guitar. Then we get a Instrumental power surge of 'Hammer Of The Gods' Pulling the Power cords on Bass we have Andres Fernandes. Welcome the 'Brothers Of Steel' Bringing more Riffs and leading the way with Vocals is Brother Juan David Hoyos. Get that Fucking head banging. Time to make a 'Sacrifice' Beating the skin from the Drums and letting the Blood flow is Robert Cobo. This is a Face melter of Riffs for the Soul. Great release,Bring on the Album.

Vocals/Guitar...Juan David Hoyos

Bass...Andres Fernandes

Drums...Robert Cobo


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