Time for some Metal Guitar from Constantine. Constantine is Constantine Kotzamanis a heavy Rock Gutarist from Athens, Greece. He as released a Eight track Album 'Aftermath' with a little help from some Awesome friends. Starting things off is a Storming instrumental 'Bushido' be sure to watch the video to this track and watch them fingers go. Then it's time to order your membership for the 'Hellfire Club' Awesome tune on Vocals we have Bjorn Strid (Soilwork) Then we 'Press On Regardless' another gem of a tune with the One and Only Ralph Scheepers (Primal Fear). Leading us into 'Another Day' is Apollo Papathanasio (Spiritual Beggars) Time to raise them lighters. This next tune will have you 'Holding on 'Til The End' You will find youself singing along with Chris Clancy (Wearing Scars, Mutiny Within). Chris Clancy also asked that you 'Deliver us'. Then we get the chance to hear Constantine's right hand man Bill Manthos on Vocals here with 'Elegy' Bill also provides Bass and Keys throughout the Album. The Final track will have you Rocking out of your Grave with 'War & Pain' bringing the Destuction is none other than Schmier (Destruction) One Hell of a Album.

Guitar...Constantine Kotzamanis

Bass/Keys/Vocal...Bill Manthos

Guest Vocals

Bjorn Strid (Soilwork)

Ralph Scheepers (Primal Fear)

Apollo Papathanasio (Spiritual Beggars)

Chris Clancy (Wearing Scars, Mutiny Within)

Schmier (Destruction)

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