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Rock Band Wux who hail from Barth, Germany. Have released a Four track EP 'Blickkontakt' all four tracks are sang in their native tongue of German. But that won't stop you enjoying this Release. First up is 'Lebendig Begraben' (Buried Alive). On Vocals and Riff bringer on Guitar is Jens Hiemann. Up next is 'Wand' (Wall) This will have you chanting along. With the Power of the Bass coming from Heiko Schatz. 'Der Typ Mit Dem Kreatorshirt' (The Guy With The Kreator Shirt) Top tune. The Final track is the Title track 'Blickkontakt' (Eye Contact) this will have that head going. Controling you head movment on Drums is Felix Kedling. This is one of them Release's get the lads round, Get the Beers in and have one Hell of a Party.

Vocals/Guitar...Jens Heimann

Bass...Heiko Schatz

Drums...Felix Kedling

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