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Rock Band Cinemuerte who hail from Lisbon, Portugal. Have released a Ten track Album 'O Refugio' (Refuge). Here's some of the Standout tracks 'Twenty Five' This is one catchy tune. The Lady with the amazing voice is Sophie Vieira. 'The Lost And Free' Is a powerful track that will have you holding on for every word. The man with the mesmerising Beat on Drums is Sergio Lopo. 'Silent Notes' is another Great track. 'The Whisper' is a groovy number. Bringing the Vibe of the Bass is Joao Vaz. 'Bird With No Broken Wing' Cool tune. Now for the Final track 'Inner light' Smooth relaxing track. Teasing the strings on Guitar is Fred Goncalves. Really enjoyable Album.

Vocals...Sophie Vieira

Guitar...Fred Goncalves

Bass...Joao Vaz

Drums...Sergio Lopo

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