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Metal Band Bloodred Hourglass who hail from Mikkeli, Finland. They have released a Ten track Album 'Godsend' Here's some of the standout tracks. Opener 'Waves Of Black' is Brutal The Demon with the Death Growl Vocals is Jarkko Koukonen. 'The Unfinished story' Is a power in it's own, Pulling the strings on Bass is Jose Moilanen. 'Alysia' This will have you screaming along and have you transported to another world with the hypnotizing Riffs of the two Axe men on Guitar we have Jarkki Tiilikainen and Antti Nenonen. 'My Route' will have you finding your way to their Blackened Soul. 'Pieces' is a skull cracker of a tune Having you crack your skull with every savage beat of the Drum is Jarkko Hyvonen. 'August' just grabs hold of you and takes over your body and leads you to the Mosh pit. The final track 'White Feather' is a feast of what Bloodred Hourglass have to offer you. This is one Brutal Album that has just drained your soul.

Vocals...Jarkko Koukonen

Guitar...Jarkki Tiilikainen

Bass...Jose Moilanen

Guitar...Antti Nenonen

Drums...Jarkko Hyvonen

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