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Stoner Rockers Ricky Diamond who hail from Torrevieja, Spain. They have released a Ten track Album 'Already Dead' Here's some of the standout tracks. 'W.T.O.I.L' Time to wake the neighbours with the Stone Heavy Riffs and Awesome Vocals is Arikat. 'Doglike Devotion' will have you Howling in appreciation. Then comes the groovy 'Sweet & Salty' this track is cool as Fuck. Bringing the Vibe on Bass is I Rubio. 'Bullet In Your Soul' is a Epic seven minute treat. 'Wall Of Stone' Will have you joining in with Max on Drums trying to beat the wall down. 'Goddammit' is a real Head banger of a tune. If you like your Stoner Rock, Your going to love this Album.


Bass...I Rubio


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