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The Chris Rolling Squad are a Rock N Roll Band from La Roche Sur Yon, France. They have released a Twelve track Album 'Spitfire' Now for the standout tracks. 'Piece Of The Action' is going to hit you Hard, Fine track. Some Awesome Riffs from the man himself Chris Rolling on Guitar and Vocals. 'The Life You Waited For' Fast Hard and in your face. Amazing work. 'Tremors' brings us to a little HillBilly Party. bringing the vibe on Bass is Brice Duval. 'Get Back There' is a real foot stomper. the man with the cool Beat on Drums is Thid Adiersend. Time to get that head going 'Devil Freak' will have you holding them Horns aloft. WoW one Hell of a Enjoyable Album.

Vocals/Guitar...Chris Rolling

Bass...Brice Duval

Drums...Thid Adiersend

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