Thrash La Reine are a Trash Metal Band from Montreal, Quebec. They have released a Six track EP 'La Foi,La Loi,La Croix' (It was, Law, Cross). Opener 'Pourchasser Le Dragon' (Chase The Dragon) Is a Pure headbanger of a tune. Bringing the cool Riffs on Guitar and Vocals all sang in French is Renaud Baril. Then comes 'Thrash La Reine' (Thrash The Queen) Bringing a bit of Punk Rock to the party. 'Le Redempteur' (The Redeemer) Is a cool Rockin track. Beating the skins till they bleed is Guillaume on Drums. 'La Peur Du Lendemin' (The Fear Of The Next Day) One for the Crowd. 'Garde La Foi' (Keep The Faith) Some fine Riffs here. The Final track 'Du Sang Sur Les Plaines' (Blood On The Plains) Bringing the vibe of the Bass is Anthony Domme-Belisle. Really enjoyable release.

Vocals/Guitar...Renaud Baril

Bass...Anthony Domme-Belisle


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