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Abbinormal are a Death Metal Band from Milan, Italy. They have just released a new Video 'Hellcore' So it's time to set the Mosh Pit up and Fucking Go for it. The Track is from their up and coming Album '1996' which is set for release on Sliptrick Records. Bringing the stinging Riffs on Guitar is the Axe man Max Maestrelli. The Beast with the Brutal Vocals is Eric Vieni. The Guy doing his best to make the skins bleed on Drums is Luca Cacciatore. Then we have the pulse of the machine that is Abbinormal on Bass is Cenobita Nero. You Want it Fast, Hard and Brutal. Welcome to Abbinomal.

Vocals...Eric Vieni

Guitar...Max Maestrelli

Bass...Cenobita Nero

Drums...Luca Cacciatore

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