Hard Rock time now with Mechanics Of The Mind who hail from Phoenix,Arizona, USA. They have released a Eight track Album 'Reckless & Divided'. Here's some of the standout tracks. Opener 'Tear Under My Skin' Will have the head going from the off. Jesse Flint with the powerful Vocals. 'Reckless' will have you screaming along. Pulling the strings on Bass is Terry Scott. 'Clouds Of Dust' is another track to have you screaming your lungs out. Bringing the Rhythm on Guitar is Dave Porter. 'Sight Unseen' is a real head banger of a tune, On Drums is Forest White. 'Trained Monkey' Is a Awesome tune. The Final track 'Gamble With The Devil' Will have you dusting the Air Guitar off and shredding with Tony Linhares on Lead Guitar. Awesome Album.

Vocals...Jesse Flint

Guitar...Tony Linhares

Bass...Terry Scott

Guitar...Dave Porter

Drums...Forest White

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