Punk Band Kryp hail from Tromso, Norway. They have released a Six track EP 'Kryp' All tracks are sang in their native tongue of Norwegian. Don't let this put you off as the Music will do the talking. Opening Track 'Hodelose Jaevla' Is a very catchy tune, That will have you whole body moving. Beating the skins on Drums is Ask D Lunde. Next track is not something you would tell everyone about but Punk attitude who gives a Fuck 'Gud Ga Mea En Liten Kuk' (God Gave Me A Little Cock). Bringing the Pulse of the Bass is Adne Gerhardsen. 'Tvil Pa Satan' (Doubt Satan). 'Gi Faen (Give A Damn) Fast and loud, Just the way it is suppose to be. 'Detagenerert' Will get the Mosh Pit started. The Final track is 'Nazi-Helvete' (Nazi Hell) Will have you chanting along with Jorgen Skjold on Vocals he also provides the Riffs on Guitar. Fun and Catchy EP. Real Joy to liten too.Whens the Album out.

Vocals/Guitar...Jorgen Skjold

Bass...Adne Gerthardsen

Drums...Ask D Lunde

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