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Daniele Brusaschetto is a Rock & Metal Musician who hails from Turin, Italy. This guy as been round for over Thirty Years, Treating our ears to all forms of Rock & Metal. Here is his latest release 'Flying Stag' It's a Seven track Album.Opening things up is the Awesome 'Otherwhere' Loud thundering Drums and Electrifying Guitar. Helping Daniele with the Album is the Hammerhead on Drums Alberto 'Mono' Marietta. Alberto also hails from Turin. What a talent. Next up with have 'Stag Beetle' Fast & Furious Guitar Riffs coming from Daniele Brusaschetto who also provides the Hypnotizing Vocals. 'Splattering Purple' is a beast of a tune. Mosh Pit material. 'Unreal Skyline' Will have you setting the place up for a Head Bangers Ball. 'Like When It's Raining Outside' and 'Fanculo Mondo' are two Heavy and Brutal tracks. The last track 'From A Tight Angle' Will have you banging the walls down. This is a lot of noise for two men. Great Album.

Vocals/Guitar...Daniele Brusaschetto

Drums...Alberto 'Mono' Marietta

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