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Despyre are a Metal Band from Suffolk County, Long Island, New York. USA. They have released a Nine track Album 'Rise Up' This is sure to have you on your feet and Rockin out. Here's some of the stand out tracks. First up we have 'Liberate' This will have you yelling along with Rob Malvagno on Vocals. 'Regret' is a Riff Fest with the Twin attack of the Guitars coming from Dennis Gaudio and Brad Maestro. 'D.R.U.' Will be a crowd favourite, Plenty to shout about. 'Evil Inside' is a Awesome tune, Keeping the Pulse on Bass is Kevin Cassidy. 'Complicated' and 'Twisted' will have the head banging along with the punishing beats of the Drums from Dave Riggins.The final track on offer is 'Blue Sky'(Reborn) a sooth finish to a really enjoyable Album.

Vocals...Rob Malvagno

Guitar...Dennis Gaudio

Bass...Kevin Cassidy

Guitar...Brad Maestro

Drums...Dave Riggins

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