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Time for some Industrial Elecro Rock from Mata who hail from Macerata, Marche, Italy. They have released a Eight track Album 'Archipel(o)gos' with the Cool label Only Fucking Noise.Here's a few standout tracks. Starting things off is 'Message no.11' Kicking in with the Electronics is Alessandro Bracalente who also provides Guitar and Vocals. This will have the whole body moving. 'M&D' is next up. Real foot tapper with the exploding Drum beat from Emanuele Sagripanti. 'Underwater' will have you rising for air. Checking the pulse of the Bass from Mauro Mezzabotta. 'In The Pool' takes you to another world. 'A Multitude' is like living the life of a Beating Drum. This is something new to me, But what a joy. Talented musicians. A real pleasure. Be sure to check these guys out. Top Album.

Vocals/Elecronics/Guitar...Alessandro Bracalente

Bass/ Elecronics...Mauro Mezzabotta

Drums/Synth...Emanuele Sagripanti

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