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Rock Band Mirrorplain who hail from Finnintrop, Germany. Have released a Eleven track Album 'Lost In Paradise' Opening track 'Northstar' is a song you will find yourself singing along to with Christian Doring on Vocals. Then we have some of the standout tracks. 'Speak To The Deaf' will have you moving to the rhythm of the Keys from Kevin Ax. 'Listen Up' will have you reaching for you Air Guitar to join the two axe men on Guitar Jeremy Vollmert and Jan Ackerschott. 'Drown' will have you bobbing your head in and out of the Dark waters to the beat of the drums from Nikolas Hoffmann. 'World of Pain' is a hard hitting track. Now for my favorite track 'Mr Hyde' This will have you chanting along, Pulling the strings on Bass is Sascha Drendel. Last track is a cool tune 'Faceless World' another track that will stick in your mind. Cool Album.

Vocals...Christian Doring

Guitar...Jan Ackerschott

Keys...Kevin Ax

Bass...Sascha Drendel

Guitar...Jeremy Vollmert

Drums...Nikolas Hoffmann

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